Книги, рекомендуемые для прочтения викканам

По книге Kerr Cuhulain "Wiccan warrior. Walking a spiritual path in a sometimes hostile world")

Звездочкой помечены те книги, которые есть в русском варианте.

1. Adler Margot "Drawing down the moon"

2. Amber K "How to organize a coven or magical study group"
"Treasury of coven activities"
*"True magic: A beginner's guide"

3. Blacksun "Three times around the circle"
"The spell of making"

4. Buckland Raymond "Buckland's complete book of witchcraft"
*"Practical candle burning"
"Scottish witchcraft: The history and magic of the Picts"
"The tree: The complete book of Saxon witchcraft"
"Witchcraft from the inside"

5. Crowther Patricia "Lid of the cauldron: a Wicca handbook"

6. Cuhulain Kerr "The law enforcement guide to Wicca: third edition"

*7. Cunningham Scott "Wicca. A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner"

8. Farrar Janet and Stewart "Eight sabbats for witches"
"The witches' God"
"The witches' Goddess"
"The witches' Bible Vols 1 and 2"

9. Farrar Stewart "What witches do"

*10. Frazer James G. "The golden bough: a study in magic and religion"

11. Gardner Gerald "The meaning of witchcraft"
"Witchcraft today"

12. Green Miranda "Dictionary of celtic magic"

13. Hole Christina "British folk customs"

14. Hutton Ronald "The pagan religions of the ancient british isles"

15. Johnson Charles "The sorcerer's apprentice"

16. Kelly Aidan "Crafting the art of magic, book I: A history of modern witchcraft 1939-1964"

17. McFarland Phoenix "The complete book of magical names"

*18. Pennick Nigel "The pagan book of days"

19. Piggot Stuart "The druids"

20. Russell Jeffrey "A history of witchcraft"

21. Ryall Rhiannon "West country wicca"

22. Sanders Alex "The Alex Sanders lectures"

23. Scelton Robin "Spellcraft"
"The practice of witchcraft"

24. Starhawk "The spiral dance: a rebirth of the ancient religion of the Great Goddess"
"Truth or dare?"

25. Stewart R.J. "Celtic gods, celtic goddesses"

26. Valiente Doreen "An ABC of witchcraft"
"Natural magic"
"Witchcraft for tomorrow"

27. Weinstein Marion "Earthmagic: A dianic book of shadows"
*"Positive magic"

28. Worth Valerie "The Crone's book of words"

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